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Are you new to gardening, a seasoned pro wanting to expand, or a plant it and forget it kind of gardener? We've got you covered.


Do it yourself: You will design, build, plant and maintain your garden, with my guidance when you need it.

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Do it together: Together we will design, build, plant and maintain your garden. Having me in the garden with you is the quickest way to learn.

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Do it for you: I will design, build, plant and maintain your garden for you. You can also hire me for seasonal maintenance.

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Get Started Right

The Garden Consult

One-on-one consulting on any aspect of gardening from designing your space, to plant selection and plant health, to pest control, and more.

  • Want to put in a new garden but not sure how?
  • Have a neglected garden space you want to revitalize?
  • Want help for a garden stressed by heat or bugs?
  • Need a seasoned gardener to ask your puzzling questions?

I’m happy to come to your home in person or virtually. Together we will identify your goals, find a place for your food garden, and get you set up for a successful garden.

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Help When You need It

Garden Success Coaching

Much of gardening is trial and error. I've met a lot of bugs and gardened successfully in extreme conditions. Shorten your learning curve by bringing my 48-years of garden wisdom to YOUR garden.

  • We work together in your garden.
  • Guidance pertinent to YOUR garden that Google doesn't know.
  • Coaching is the best and fastest way to progress from novice to expert.
  • Skip the learning curve; go straight for success!

Coaching sessions are tailored to just what you need, when you need it, whether you need a single session, a season’s worth or something in between.

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Sit Back and Relax


Do you want to enjoy your garden area, pick fresh herbs for dinner and maybe a tomato or two, but aren't ready, for whatever reason, to take on the growing aspects?

This is a Done For You service. I will design, build, plant and maintain your garden area. You get to sit back and enjoy it.  I am happy to tend your garden as if it were my own….and I have a nice garden!

  • Want your dream garden but don’t have time, energy or desire to do it yourself?
  • You don’t have to get your hands dirty or acquire a single mosquito bite.
  • Want your garden to thrive while you're away?
  • A Maintenance contract is perfect for you.

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Fun, educational, community building events. Learn and play at the same time. Take home something special. Some will be artistic, some for garden success, some surprise locations. Check here often to see what's new.

Mid-Summer Garden Tour

Mid-Summer Garden Open House

July 21, 2024 2pm-4pm

Space is limited

Address provided upon registration.

Registration open July 7  through July 18, 2024

Price: Free

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Paint and Plant

Bring in the new season with harvest flowers. All supplies provided.

October 6, 2024

Space is limited

Location provided upon registration.

Registration open September 22, 2024 to October 4, 2024

Price: Free

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Summer Pollinator/Cut Flower Garden

Will return in 2025

Price: TBD

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Mediterranean Herb Garden

Will return summer 2025

Price: TBD

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Understanding Vertical Gardening

Will return summer 2025

Price: TBD

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Spring Garden Tour

Will return spring 2025

Price: TBD

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Why Have Home Garden?

There are MANY reasons to have a home garden. I've thought of a few that I share here. What are your reasons for wanting to grow your own produce at home?


Once you have your garden set up, you can grow your own high quality foods for less cost. Be in charge of your own food supply.


Good health is our most valuable asset. We don’t often realize it until it’s gone. Protect or regain your health by growing your own energy stock.


Grounding, also known as earthing, directly connects your body with Earth’s natural electric grid to stabilize you. I did not make this up. Earthing is an ancient practice.


Want a confidence boost? Bring your homegrown salad, loaded with herbs, edible flowers, vitamins and minerals to your table. Harvest that vine ripened tomato, sweet melon or refreshing cucumber and proudly say, “I did that!”


Sharing with friends and family a homegrown meal, herbal tea, fresh juice, or smoothie from your own garden is a great way to foster community and connection.

Inspire your children

Children LOVE to help in the garden. Harvesting their first strawberry, radish, or pea pod is a huge delight to a child. Watch their little eyes light up!


Your own and the planet. Sustain your health, provide for your family’s live food needs, reduce pesticide and plastic use. The home garden is the ultimate in reducing, reusing and recycling.

Increase your home’s value

Your well designed home garden (food, flowers, herbs, maybe a water feature) adds value to your home. Creating a haven you want to be in, means others will want to be there, too.

Who I Am

About Jeannine

Jeannine is a fourth generation Colorado native. She has been gardening since the 1970’s when she started one of the few (only!) successful gardens in Grand Lake, Colorado at over 8,000 ft in elevation and a very short growing season.

She orchestrated a tiny plot in the Denver Highlands to produce enough delicious produce to feed her family of six using organic and vertical gardening techniques, ultimately winning the prize of “Best Small Garden” in Denver.

Gardening can be tricky. It can take years of trial and error and a lot of patience to fine tune. If you want to shortcut the learning curve and start producing quality, healthy, organic food now… you should call her!

Jeannine has lived and gardened in the mid-west, northwest, the high mountains, and confines of the city. Along the way she has coached numerous aspiring gardeners to navigate difficult gardening conditions to successes of their own.

Jeannine believes that vital health starts with the quality of the food we eat. She has learned much from her love of healthy, organic, trusted food and thinks it is time to make that knowledge available to all.

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