All the best practices of commercial growers aren’t enough to provide the same quality of healthy food that you can provide for yourself at home. Once you have your garden set up, you can grow your own high quality foods at less cost.


Quality foods build health; processed foods rob health. Simple truth. Good health is our most valuable asset. We don’t often realize it unit it’s gone. Protect or regain your health by growing your own energy stock. 


Grounding, also known as earthing, directly connects your body with earth’s natural electric grid to stabilize you. I did not make this up. Earthing is an ancient practice. Feeling off-center? Recovering from a loss or injury? Your garden can restore you.


Need a confidence boost? Bring your own homegrown salad loaded with herbs, edible flowers, vitamins and minerals to your table. Harvest that vine ripened tomato, sweet melon or refreshing cucumber and proudly say, “I did that!”


Sharing with friends and family your produce, a homegrown meal, herbal tea or fresh juice on the back deck is a great way to foster community and connection. 

Inspire your Children

Children LOVE to help in the garden. Harvesting their first strawberry, radish , or pea pods is a huge delight to a child. You can help your child feel accomplished and proud.


Your own and the planet. Sustain your health. Provide for your family’s live food needs. Reduce pesticide and plastic use. The home garden is the ultimate in reducing, reusing and recycling. Ask me about all the ways that happens in the home garden.

Increase your home’s value

Your well-designed home garden (food, flowers, herbs, maybe a water feature) adds value to your home. Creating a haven that YOU want to be in means others will want to be there, too.